Team Paul Mitchell Karate

For 30 year, in addition to sponsoring elite pro skateboarders, snowboarders, volleyball players and urban dancers, John Paul Dejoria has been the “Shogun” sponsor of Team Paul Mitchell Karate (TPMK).  That support arose mostly because of the integrity of Steven Babcock the team’s original heavyweight fighter, that impressed Dejoria. 

Babcock had previously lived in Los Angles, CA and was a tenant at a Dejiria-owned property.  Dejoria had given Babcock his credit card to make some purchases while working on his house.  According to Dejoria, the gesture was a simple test of trust to see how Babcock then just 19, would handle the responsibility and privilege.  He apparently scored a 4.0 on that ethics test.  Per Dejoria, that integrity went into TPMK as well.

Over the years, the TPMK sponsorship has grown as players and opportunities have risen.  With an average of $11,000 to $14,000 per team event, toady the annual sponsorship budget is approximately $100,000.

Since 1987, Dejoria’s sponsorship has covered the cost of TPMK competing nationally and internationally.  His initial outlay of cash saw the team dethrone the baddest team on the circuit Team Randori.  After TPMK delivered a butt kicking of monumental proportions on national  television, Team Randori lost the majority of their sponsorship’s.

30 years later. TPMK continues to live by the “we” not the “me” policy because the leadership coaches and managers.

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