What Martial Art Style Is Best For You???

Which is the Best Style for You

For someone who is interested to learn a specific style of martial arts, there are lots of things you should know when it comes to the different styles available. If yes, then, you are probably wondering which style suits you best.

With all the styles for you to choose from, it can be hard to select one to learn. Whatever you hear from others, it is impossible to just name a single style of martial art as the very best. In fact, there are some factors which come into play, making it impossible to make the statement that one style is really the best.

Although style beats another in a fight or competition, it doesn’t always mean that this winning style is also the best. Before you rush out and learn a specific style, there are several things you have to consider.


Even martial arts can help improve your overall fitness level, this is not really the goal behind most styles of martial arts. Different styles like tae bo are based solely on martial arts and doesn’t include lots of physical fitness training. If training is your primary goal, you might be better off if you choose something else aside from martial arts.

Self Defense

There are many martial arts schools as well as dojos all over the world which emphasize more on self defense than others. Schools which focus on forms, light sparring, or kata are less than likely to teach you about the things you need for protecting yourself when you are out on the streets. If you are after street self defense, it will be best if you pick a style which will train you hard and will not let up.


Martial arts based on competition are all about bagging trophies and showing the whole world your favorite martial arts style. The specific completion you have chosen will have a big effect on your martial arts style. You will have to decide if you will showcase or fight, display light or heavy contact, kata, or focus on striking or grappling.

Fighting Ability

It usually varies among the numerous styles of martial arts. Self defense schools most commonly make the most out of fighting skills which will teach you everything you have to know to survive. Many martial arts styles tend to be slow in theory, where you will be taught about forms, movements, and kata. On the other hand, self defense schools teach you how you can inflict the highest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time possible.

Before you finally decide on the specific style of martial arts for you, it will be wise to research the dojos and schools in your place, and check their existing offers. The best school will let you participate in several classes for free or offer discounts during your first few months. They can also answer your questions, and work in helping you learn everything you should. Indeed, martial arts can be a very exciting and fun learning experience for you.


Visit To Portela BJJ In Aurora Colorado

This was an awesome week.  Team Randori had the chance to travel to Aurora Colorado and train with one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Schools in the state. Portela BJJ is run by Shawn Portela, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt, founder and Lead Instructor for Portela Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Shawn began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu nearly seven years ago after quitting a boring white-collar job  in the satellite communications industry to pursue his drams of being an entrepreneur and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor.  Having led a competitive, athletic lifestyle prior to becoming a full-time professional, Shawn longed to incorporate sports and health back into his everyday lifestyle.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provided Shawn with that opportunity.  If you ask him to describe what his academy specializes in he will tell you that their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is meant for everyone regardless of age, gender, size or fitness level.  The basis of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial art is to promote the concept of a smaller, weaker individual defending and/or submitting a bigger, stronger aggressor by using proper technique and leverage. By taking the fight to the ground, an individual can use positional control or apply a submission, such as choke holds or joint-locks, to subdue an assailant. As a combat sport, self-defense system or martial art, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has proven to be the most effective grappling and martial art, in the world.  So if your in the area be sure to check em out.  You wont be sorry. 

Cody Garbrandt off UFC 213; Romero vs. Whittaker interim title fight added

There has been a bit of a shakeup to the UFC’s big July show in Las Vegas that will likely affect future cards as well.

Speaking to ESPN.com, Dana White announced that bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt will no longer face T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 213 due to Garbrandt suffering a back injury. With that title fight off the July 8 pay-per-view card, another title fight was punched in as a replacement, albeit for an interim title.

Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker will square off in the co-main event for the interim middleweight title. This effectively pushes the women’s bantamweight title fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko into the main event.

White said that an interim title fight was created after champion Michael Bisping was sidelined with a knee injury. He was originally expected to face Georges St-Pierre in the summer but things became complicated when the former welterweight champion suggested that he wouldn’t be available to compete until fall. Dana White called the Bisping-GSP fight off after Bisping stated that he would also be unable to defend his title. He hasn’t fought since last October when he defeated Dan Henderson.

Perhaps just as intriguing as the UFC 213 shakeup was the announcement that T.J. Dillashaw will be moved into an August title fight with flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Johnson is on the verge of breaking the all-time record for most consecutive title defenses. He currently has 10 and is tied with Anderson Silva.

A date hasn’t been announced but there was speculation that Johnson would headline a PPV card in Seattle that would likely be UFC 215.


Team Paul Mitchell Karate

For 30 year, in addition to sponsoring elite pro skateboarders, snowboarders, volleyball players and urban dancers, John Paul Dejoria has been the “Shogun” sponsor of Team Paul Mitchell Karate (TPMK).  That support arose mostly because of the integrity of Steven Babcock the team’s original heavyweight fighter, that impressed Dejoria. 

Babcock had previously lived in Los Angles, CA and was a tenant at a Dejiria-owned property.  Dejoria had given Babcock his credit card to make some purchases while working on his house.  According to Dejoria, the gesture was a simple test of trust to see how Babcock then just 19, would handle the responsibility and privilege.  He apparently scored a 4.0 on that ethics test.  Per Dejoria, that integrity went into TPMK as well.

Over the years, the TPMK sponsorship has grown as players and opportunities have risen.  With an average of $11,000 to $14,000 per team event, toady the annual sponsorship budget is approximately $100,000.

Since 1987, Dejoria’s sponsorship has covered the cost of TPMK competing nationally and internationally.  His initial outlay of cash saw the team dethrone the baddest team on the circuit Team Randori.  After TPMK delivered a butt kicking of monumental proportions on national  television, Team Randori lost the majority of their sponsorship’s.

30 years later. TPMK continues to live by the “we” not the “me” policy because the leadership coaches and managers.